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Based in Silicon Valley
Martine Penilla Group, LLP (MPG) is a specialized intellectual property (IP) firm, with a focus on the "prosecution" component of patent law.  As is well known to those that navigate the IP law landscape, patent prosecution is the branch of patent law that concentrates on the securing of patent rights for inventions.  This includes the rendering of legal advice on patentability, the crafting of planned programs for protecting a company's IP, and processes for obtaining detailed disclosures that lead to well drafted patent applications.

Dedication to Service
MPG is organized and structured to deliver high quality patent services to large, small and start-up companies desiring to maintain and build a quality patent portfolio. MPG has a proven track record of consistently securing patent protection for its clients, which include Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies and technology start-ups.  Since 1998, MPG has issued over 1,000+ U.S. patents and also obtained many more foreign patents.  Of course, each organization has special needs, and MPG provides flexible service arrangements to ensure that each client receives their desired end result within set budget constraints.  The members of the firm not only provide quality legal work, but also take pride in the relationships established with each client.

Strategic patent drafting
As MPG is focused on prosecution, our attorneys are trained to prepare patent application claims that are enforceable and that best cover the features of the disclosed invention.  As the claims define what protection a patent ultimately provides, our firm pays special attention to identifying "who" the infringer might be and what claims can be drafted to cover competitor's products or activities.  Placing emphasis on these considerations in each patent application ultimately provides our client with a patent portfolio that provides a defensive shield against competitors, and a vehicle to ensure licensing is an option when embarking in new business ventures or joint development agreements.

Keeping up with the law
MPG attorneys have access to the most recent happenings in patent law, and continuously stay up to date on changes that impact the way cases are handled.  The firm subscribes to a comprehensive set of the print-based and on-line services, which keep our professionals briefed the minute new laws impact our profession.  Further, we also stride to keep our clients well informed on the changes, and we routinely deliver special newsletters that can help shape critical decision making by our client companies.

We speak your technology language
Prosecution requires comprehensive understanding of technology, and therefore, all of our attorneys hold undergraduate and advanced technology degrees.  As an example, our attorneys hold degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Material Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and others.  With this background, members of our firm handle cases in a number of technology areas.  These areas include, for example, software systems and components, hardware-software systems, semiconductor processing, semiconductor equipment, electrical circuitry, circuit design, microprocessors, memory systems, graphical user interfaces, database applications, software testing, etc.


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