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KQED Public Broadcasting first appeared on television screens in the Bay Area on April 5, 1954, as a vehicle to extend the educational reach of media into San Francisco homes. As one of the flagship stations in public broadcasting, KQED is a leader in the effort to service an ever-increasing audience with some of the most powerful and perceptive programming available. Being a multi-media organization that leverages its platforms of Public Television 9; Digital Television 30; Public Radio 88.5FM and 89.3FM; the KQED Education Network and; KQED Public Broadcasting continues to be a community beacon and vital source for quality programming and thought-provoking information.  In 2006 KQED public broadcasting merged with KTEH television (San Jose) and KCET television (Monterey/ Salinas/ Watsonville) forming Northern California Public Broadcasting, Inc. (NCPB) one of the most watched and listened to public broadcasting entitities in the country.

In 2008 our commitment to our mission remains strong to provide the people of Northern California with consistently high-quality, noncommercial media that inform, educate and entertain. Through the creation and acquisition of programs, the leveraging of our multiple media assets, and strategic partnerships, NCPB delivers television, radio and Internet content that makes people think, feel and explore new ideas. Our programming and services reflect the value that we place on human dignity, lifelong learning, the power of ideas, and the importance of community service and civic participation.




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