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At Curiale Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP, we do one thing, and we do it extremely well: we represent businesses and public organizations in all critical aspects of the employer-employee relationship. For the attorneys comprising our employment law practice, the representation of employers has been and will continue to be our intellectual passion and our singular business pursuit. From the founders of CHK to our experienced associates from top law schools, each has spent an entire career helping in-house counsel, human resources professionals, chief financial officers and other responsible individuals navigate the increasingly complex legal scheme of the workplace. While most law firms see the practice of employment law as a side venture, whether as a service department for a corporate-transactional practice or a sub-set of a general litigation group, every one of CHK's partners entered the legal profession representing employers, and ever since have been passionately dedicated to ensuring that the employer is always well-positioned to reduce exposure to liability while enhancing competitive advantage.

The private and public sector employers served by CHK are initially drawn to us because of our extraordinary depth of knowledge in employment law. They know that they will not have to pay for an attorney to get "up to speed" learning the law, but will be able to obtain effective answers quickly, based on many decades of collective experience successfully representing businesses who have faced precisely the same types of issues. There will be no "reinventing of wheels." Whether an issue relates to the latest amendment to a federal leave law, a state regulation pertaining to the payment of wages or a difficult issue presented at a discrimination or wrongful termination trial, CHK lawyers draw on an enormous reserve of experience and talent to maximize results while minimizing costs.

But it is something more that keeps those same clients coming back to CHK year after year for all their employment law needs. Whether it is a Fortune 500 international corporation, a California municipality, a college, a media company or a mid-sized retailer, CHK clients quickly come to appreciate our philosophy that the only way to properly serve any employer is to learn about the issues unique to their business and industry, and to focus on proactive advice. Employment law is one of the few legal arenas that allows for - indeed, rewards - the enterprise that anticipates its workforce needs, and gets ahead of the curve in directing its human resources objectives. In that regard, CHK is second to none. No employment law practice puts as much energy and emphasis into the training of management and personnel professionals to provide the foundational knowledge needed for early identification and elimination of workplace concerns before they evolve into full-scale litigation. Time and again, our clients tell us that they are surprised at how immediately responsive we are to their concerns and to the ever-changing legal dynamics of the workplace. For the lawyers at CHK, however, we know of no other way to pursue our business and our passion.

We invite you to review our website to gain a further understanding of what we do and how we do it. Our goal for the site is to have it function as a resource center for our clients and friends, supported by updated content, and serving as a "go-to" gateway for legal developments. We look forward to hearing from you with suggestions and questions, and with deep appreciation, we thank you for taking the time to learn more about the employment law firm of Curiale Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP.

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