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Located in major markets throughout the United States and Canada, Robert Half Legal is a premier provider of experienced project and full-time professionals for law offices and corporate legal departments. The firm places highly skilled candidates in a wide range of positions for the legal field, including attorney, paralegal, administrator, executive director, litigation support specialist and legal secretary.

Through its expertise, diligence and attention to meeting the needs of its clients, Robert Half Legal has earned a reputation for outstanding service and professionalism. Many of Robert Half Legal’s account executives are attorneys and administrators who have experience working in law firms and legal departments. They possess an insiders knowledge of our clients needs, enabling them to serve as advisors on hiring and personnel management issues. On the candidate side, Robert Half Legal maintains an active referral network, an advanced e-cruiting program and an extensive database of highly skilled legal professionals currently available, all of which offer us access to a large talent pool for fulfilling the staffing needs of law practices and departments.

Robert Half Legal routinely assists law offices in identifying the appropriate personnel resources required for each particular case or project, and provides specialists whose specific training and experience make them ideal for the assignment, whether it is temporary or full-time.

Robert Half Legal also serves as a reliable information source on workplace trends and management issues within the legal community. We regularly conduct national surveys of attorneys and other legal professionals about topics ranging from new technologies and flexible work options to the fastest growing practice areas. In addition, Robert Half Legal has produced a number of informative pamphlets for management within law firms and corporate legal departments, complimentary copies of which may be requested by contacting Robert Half Legal.

For additional information, please visit Robert Half Legal web site at To reach the office of Robert Half Legal nearest you, call (800) 870-8367.

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