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With LawPostings.com, formally 365LawRecruit, you'll find a service that manages all of your legal recruiting needs. From utilizing LawPostings.com to identify a direct hire or temporary employee, to being able to post your legal opportunities on our job board that gets viewed by 1,000s, LawPostings.com has every avenue covered for your staffing requirements.

Advantage of working with LawPostings.com

By working with LawPostings.com all your recruiting needs can be covered under one umbrella.  You'll no longer have to contact multiple agencies to achieve your recruiting goals.

  • Direct Hire Placement - LawPostings.com will work directly with you to identify to exact candidate you desire, and manage the interviewing process from beginning to end.
  • Temporary Assistance - For those times when you need extra help, or to fill a void, LawPostings can provide temporary talent to see you through those obstacles.
  • Post Open Positions - When you post on LawPostings.com, your positions are not only listed on our vast inner network, but they’re also posted on 100’s of other top job boards, networking sites, and newspapers nationwide.  What this does for your firm is provide ultimate exposure for your positions and some of the largest amount of candidate responses.  Results Guaranteed!!


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